Cancel Messages

Ever sent a text message and noticed that auto-correct has made it incoherent after the text has been sent? Or have you ever accidentally sent it to the one person who wasn’t meant to see it?

With Shoot the Messenger you are able to cancel the text or email before the other person has had a chance to even read it. You are able to set up options of a 5, 10, 15 second waiting period before it becomes available of their phone.

Schedule Messages

Want to make sure you never forget a Birthday message again, simply select the contact and the message and you can program in a recurring time to send them messages.

Block Messages

Stealth mode allows you to select a time period and contacts that you do not want to be able to send or receive messages from, want to make sure you don’t get any spoilers from friends about your favourite TV show – enter Stealth Mode.

Or if you just cant trust yourself when it come to texting the ex after you’ve had a few – we’ve got you covered.

Becomes Primary Application

Once installed Shoot the Messenger becomes your default SMS/Email.
This can be change back through the settings to be a separate app.
Works for SMS & Email

All functionality extends to SMS texting some of which is available to emails as well.

Contacts are transferred over after first Installation as well as existing conversations.





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